Fabio Ferrillo Belli
— Architect and Creative Director

Fabio Ferrillo Belli develops his unique style in the most relevant interior design offices at first in Milan and then in Paris, specialising in the design of luxury interiors and commercial spaces for prestigious Italian brands. Ferrillo Belli comes back to Milan in 2010 to establish interior and product design studio FERRILLOBELLI, focused on the sectors of fashion retail, hospitality, institutional and residential interiors.

A strong linear geometry characterizes the office’s projects, where segments and broken lines rejoin in warm diagonals of matter and light, or else recreate minimal, well-balanced atmospheres. His sensitivity in the use of color and lighting matches the sparkling metals and precious marbles, sometimes seduced by the appeal of the raw and deconstructed, like rough concrete and exposed technical plants.
Each and everyone of Fabio Ferrillo Belli’s projects embodies a captivating harmony slowly disclosing to the observer, between iconic references to the great masters of architecture and new, charming perspectives.
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Ferrillo Belli

Established in 2010 by architect Fabio Ferrillo Belli, FERRILLOBELLI is a Milan-based architecture and design studio specialized in fashion retail, hospitality, institutional and residential interiors worldwide. The team is composed of dynamic and passionate architects, engineers and designers working together with a contemporary approach.

Via Amatore Sciesa, 9
00100 - Roma